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Below are several GIS layers that can be downloaded to your computer.  The data is in shapefile format and stored in a zip file.  Additional layers are availible in the FTP site or upon request.



Layer Description Updated File Size
Address Points Layer representing locations of street addresses. Daily 2,946 kb
City Limits Layer of city limit boundaries. Daily 353 kb
County Boundary Moore County boundary. As Needed 23 kb
Street Centerlines Centerline of streets. Daily 3,549 kb
Tax Parcels County parcel layer. Daily 39,527 kb
Zoning.zip County zoning layer. Daily 771 kb
ETJ.zip Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) layer. Daily 441 kb
LakesandRivers.zip Lakes and Rivers layer. As Needed 1,695 kb 
Streams.zip Streams layer. As Needed 3,171 kb
10FtContourLine.zip 10 foot contour line layer. As Needed 11,630 kb
VoterPrecincts.zip Voter precinct layer. As Needed 181 kb
Structure Footprints Building footprint layer. As Needed 19,610 kb
Railroads Locations of rail lines right of way. As Needed 241 kb
Parks Location of parks within the county. As Needed 75 kb 
Soils Soil types. As Needed 12,067 kb 
Fire Districts Fire district boundaries. As Needed 707 kb



FTP SITE:  For additional GIS data layers please visit our new FTP site below. 

          FTP Site            User Name: gis_ftp       Password: leave blank




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